Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I'm going to do whatever you want

...well, not at all.

I want to make music.

Music to post on YouTube, SoundCloud or whatever.

But, as most of the music I do is for Mikeithoria I don't have many ideas for tracks that aren't for characters.

So, ai'm gonna do (mostly) whatever music you want, music that you can use but always under these conditions (may change from individual to individual):
- Max length of 4:30 min. I'm lazy and at the moment this is only to try things.
- Styles: Touhou like, my style (hear), Electronic, Rock, Metal, Pop (But it's difficult for me), Creepy, Sad. Maybe I forgot some, so you can try to refresh my memory.
- You need to give me a brief description of the feelings of the music, or give (3, at least) examples of what you want.
- (Only if it's for a OC or for people) Give brief description of that character's personality.
- It will be released always for the public in CC-BY-SA, at least in YouTube and Souncloud.
- Be patient, be... a Xeno. This is not my first time doing this, but I'm very lazy and I can stay for months without progress.
- Max two at a time.

I think you'll see in the right of the blog my current/finished requests.

Many thanks~

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Improving UV... AGAIN!

-Llibert II:
I had a little problem with my textured models because they had some kind of "black lines" in the seams... but i found a way to solve that problem. There's a lot of black space in the image file so I painted the parts that were close to the "islands". If you had or have this problem i hope this post helped you!
Mio's face updated too in a more kawaii way!

Look, the right side is the updated one... doesn't look cool but works far better than the old one.