Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mikeithoria... in YT?

YT?? YT???!

I posted a video, featuring Shadow Flight, in YT...

I'm excited... Why? 'Cuz its my first video of Mikeithoria in YT.


And it's Mio's Theme.

Takayama Mio's.


Next time will be Ayumi's.

Obviously I will not be making a blog post every time for a video... I swear.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ayumi's Theme, hell yeah!

Nya nya :3,

I've finished another track for Mikeithoria...

Not much to talk about...

Its been only 6 days since Mio's theme and I did this in only 2 days.

Ayumi Hikari, thinking of it, doesn't really makes things cold, she only freezes the water vapor of the air whenever she wants.
Also, this music is not very cold-ish.


By the way, I changed (yeah) the number of stages from 3 to 5, plus the EX. This way I have more room for telling the story in the game.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Takayama Mio's theme finally done! (After 2~3 months of trying D:) + Mikeithoria explanation.

Yeah, guys.

One of the protagonists of Mikeithoria has a theme now... wait, do you know what Mikeithoria is?

I'll explain:

Mikeithoria is a 2D vertical scrolling danmaku game we're making since a lot time.
I'm programming it in C# and trying to be like Touhou in terms of music and danmaku quality. It will be free (at least the one I am making in this moment, the future ones may be for cash...).
At the moment I don't want to promise nothing more than this: In the future, Mikeithoria will become true.
Why in the future? Because I am a proud slacker.

At the time, the basic history (of the first game...) is this:

Ayumi Hikari (Japan, non-existing city [dunno the name of that city :P]) enters in her apartament and finds that someone stole some things from her, including a certain amulet. So she decides to find out the culprit(s) with the help of 3 friends of her (Takayama Mio, Takayama Naomi and Katashi Kaito).

There will be only (this is our first game) three stages and one extra stage (Megumi Kakashi, her theme is already on my SoundCloud) at the moment (I think I'll change it to, say, 5 stages + EX).
Also, I thought of adding an intro and an outro in pseudo anime style, to make the history more comprehensive.

And, the game is not a one-man-army like ZUN's, there's:

1.- Me, GhoulMage, the programmer, graphic designer, composer and who does all those things the others won't do (buah).
2.- Llibert II who helps in the 3D models and sounds. Also some sprites.
3.- Kinyobyok31, who only helped in the base story.

The theme of Mio that is on SoundCloud will not (probably) be used in this game, but I swear that I'll use it in other game.

What do you think?

PS: The th from Mikeithoria is pronounced like "thief" or "this".
PS2: The Mikeithoria part of Mikeithoria comes from a grammar error that a certain person did: "My history". How the hell can someone do that?