Friday, 2 January 2015

Remaking the entire blog for better... I mean, Hello World!

Hey, as I'm not very known in the Internet I'm gonna say "This is my first post", even though it's not. But I wanna start from the beginning, so...

Welcome to my blog! I'm GhoulMage, erh, an amateur of many things like programming games, music and drawing Manga. Yes, Manga, I like it a lot. I also play a lot of Touhou (non-fighting) games.

I don't really know why I created this blog, but I supose that I will be posting things that I make and other non-interesting stuff.

I supose you'll want to check my work, but I only have this SoundCloud account that I recently started posting music, so for other things (games, manga art) you'll have to wait... if I ever decide to show these.